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Originally Posted by hohohee View Post
HSF mean heatsink? ZIF socket is the holes that supose to be plug by cpu?
The ZIF (zero insertion force) socket is the thing stuck onto your motherboard that the CPU pins fit into.
Originally Posted by hohohee View Post
so it is impossible to install without taking cpu and heatsink apart?
Yes, it is impossible. You must separate the CPU and heatsink, clean them both using some kind of solvent (isopropyl alcohol is what I recommend), install the CPU into the socket, lock it down, apply thermal paste, and then mount the heatsink.
Originally Posted by hohohee View Post
thermal paste..... i dont have any. is this mean i cannot install without thermal paste? cant i just install it while cpu is glued in heatsink? but i cant right? due to i must pull up the silver metal lock... am i understanding right?
The 'glue' is actually thermal paste. It's not really glue, although it might be a bit difficult to separate the CPU and heatsink. And you do need thermal paste, so you cannot install the CPU without it.
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