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Originally Posted by lechumbl View Post
Hi hohohee,

Since you have a ZIF socket on you mobo, you need to open it up to accept the pins of the CPU.
You can't do that with the HSF attached.

You will need to remove the HSF from the CPU, insert it in the ZIF socket and re-thermal paste and attached.

Take care............
HSF mean heatsink? ZIF socket is the holes that supose to be plug by cpu?

so it is impossible to install without taking cpu and heatsink apart?

thermal paste..... i dont have any. is this mean i cannot install without thermal paste? cant i just install it while cpu is glued in heatsink? but i cant right? due to i must pull up the silver metal lock... am i understanding right?

another question..... is it possible to do it without thermal paste? cant i jus put the cpu in and put the heatsink in? without thermal paste?
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