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Default Max VTT/IMC/QPI Voltage for P55?

So is it 1.3-1.35 or is it 1.21v according to Intel?

Trying to get an i7-860 to be stable at 4GHz 24/7 but I'm getting temperatures at almost 80-85C with a Venomous X in push-pull (two NF-P12's) and was told raising VTT/IMC/QPI voltage (I assume they all refer to the same voltage setting because Gigabyte and ASUS label them differently in the BIOS) would give me stability

Is 80-85C safe for an i7? I see people saying they have awesome i7 overclocks at like 60C, I've always been in the 70C range at 3.8GHz with around 1.34v according to CPU-Z.

Would I get better results (maybe being able to get a lower vcore) using 22x multi and 180 BCLK instead of 200 x 20 or 190 x 21
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