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Default First Time ever taking out CPU!! help!

First Time ever taking out CPU!! help!

quick version: i pull out heatsink along with cpu attached. cpu glued to heatsink. is there a way i can still install it back to the motherboard while cpu is attached to heatsink?

so i finally decide to take out the heatsink/cpu to clean dust. i unscrew and about to take out heatsink..... as i watch random video they shake left and right wiggle to reduce having cpu come out with it or it will cause problem or damages.

so i remmeber that... so as i pull out the heatsink and wiggle left and right and circle all around...... then finally pull straight up forcefully.... then bo0m! heatsink got out.... with CPU intact!!!!!!! and i was like o0o0o shhhhhiii.

then i look all around.... and notice that the heatsink is glued right on the cpu. the bottom of the heatsink is glued to the cpu. is this normal? is this supose to be glued on? if it is.... then when i pull out heatsink... it will always be taking out cpu too so its normal.

anyway... so yeah im pausing the process there. i pull out heatsink with cpu attached. now i want to install right back afte ri cleaned up dust. why im pausing the progress is cause i am afraid to put it back in.

i want tips and suggesion on my situation right now. what do i do first to put the cpu back in? do i jus put it in? i got the heatsink holder locked on place on the heatsink... all i need to do is place the heatsink/cpu on motherboard but i am scared of messing up.

any tips? suggesion? anything i need to know?

edit: AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ / heatsink says foxconn 2007

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