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+1. I'd also go with the Asus/Intel CPU for the HTPC.

One reason is the storage: on my first HTPC I started with a simple motherboard that had only two SATA and two PATA connectors, and wanted just music and TV playback. Within a year I was starting to use the HTPC as a PVR, then I started to put my DVD collection directly onto the HTPC, and suddenly I found myself stuck after filling the case with three hard drives and the DVD drive.

I had to upgrade motherboard twice (my current HTPC monster has 7 SATA drives) and the case once.

In your case, both setups would be good for a decent HTPC. But the Asus motherboard has 6 SATA ports; the Gigabyte one has 4. I'd use the one with more ports, just in case.
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