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One more question, I hope ; )

I want to put the 1 pump and 3 rad fans on a controller, as I wont need them on full all the time.
But I was wondering if any one has been using this fancy one which is the same price as there crappy one.
While software control would be nice, some people seem to have issues with it (from reading the forums).
Or I could go with a rheostat 2 or switch.

I have killed 2 Vantec Nexus NXP201 controllers just using 4 Vantec Tornadoes 80mm.
They say they can handle them, yeah right.
So thats why I was thinking about using the more beefy switch controller.

Also as a side note I am looking for analog readout thingies like the Cooler Master Musketeer 2 but with more function then ajusting the volume or just a readout.
Any thoughts ?

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