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When you are talking about one hard drive, the differences really are luck of the draw. Chances are VERY good that the hard drive you get, regardless of brand or model, will work for years.

For storage only I really like the WD greens as they are plenty fast, make no noise and and suck up very little juice. For anything else, I pick either what is cheapest (if budget is tight), go for the better warranty or SSD. Right now that means WD Blacks w/ their 5 yr warranty. Couple years ago it was a choice between: cheapest, Seagate (5yr warranty back then) or Raptors.

The newer Samsung's are very, very good and so too are the Hitachi's (though I did have a bad string of luck with the original 1TB Hitachi's a while back). Honestly, IF performance is a concern get either a Black or a Sammy....or go for a SSD. IF its going to be a data only drive ("D" drive) get a WD Green or a Sammy. You have had a good experience with the Sammy's and peace of mind IS important so I would lean towards the Sammy.

I wouldnt worry about brand X or Y or Z being "less than optimal" as all modern HDD's are fast, reliable and fairly energy efficient. Go for the cheapest or go with what you know to work. Either way the chances are good you will be happy with your purchase :)
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