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My System Specs


Originally Posted by kfcheung View Post
I own both so Im trying to be objective here

xbox 360 games - halo 3, forza 3, kingdom under fire 2 and more
xbox 360 hardware - no wireless (can buy a wireless adapter),
- left analog stick positioned better for action/shooting games.
- wireless controllers are heavier and battery die faster

ps3 games - killzone 2, final fantasy series, GT5 and more
ps3 hardware - builtin wireless
- connect up to 7 controllers
- Blu-Ray
- ps3 is now priced competitively against xbox360 with the introduction of slim version to cut production costs
- swap in a harddrive of your choice ( less than 250gb)

In terms of graphics, they are nearly identical. They are hardly noticeable in games.
Xbox360 games - Halo Series (including 3, ODST, Reach, Wars), Forza Series, Mass Effect series, Gears of War series, Project Gotham, FINAL FANTASY 13
-Wireless controller has USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY without the need to pop open the controller. Runs on cheap old AAs instead of exclusive battery packs
-XBL, rather have it than PSN.

PS3 games - Handful of exclusives you listed, nothing to rave about except the fanboy favorite Uncharted 2. GT5 will come as soon as Diablo III is released...It's only been how many years...

Let me just rebut your points here
- 7 controllers..for what? Divide your screen into 7 pieces and see how fun any game is.
- It's cheaper now but again, you buy the console to play games on, so far the games for PS3..for the last few years, are still pretty dry
-Porn stash stays on a real computer, and both consoles are able to stream media. No need to boast a huge HDD on console just cause.

Graphics are hardly identical. PS3 has the potential, but if only they didn't make the dev pack a pain in the butt, they would have the opportunity to use that power.

Comes down to what you want to use the system for. For me personally, the X360 has all the games I am interested in, and doubles as my personal media center. When I want to play multiplayer, XBL provides the best service. Thus X360 gets my choice..for the last 5 years.
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