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My System Specs


The 5970 would not really be cooler, as it requires a lot more cooling..

Furthermore, if you're doing mainly photoshop, you don't really need a SICKLY powerful card, you just want something that works decently..

Presuming the latest version of photoshop makes good use of the video card, it still VERY likely would completely ignore SLI or Crossfire setups (although I really have no clue, this seems logically true to me..)

I would google to this effect and see if there is any difference, but if anything, I would go for a video card with more RAM rather than SLI/CF (for example, the limited edition (I think) Asus 2GB ver.. but I doubt that would be silent)

You really will do better with an aftermarket cooler on everything, with silent fans. Chances are you would even get better temperatures/overclockability...
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