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My System Specs


A friend of mine ran a pair of Dell 22" widescreen monitors off a 5 year old computer and it was just fine for 2D windows stuff. I have a pair of 1280x1024 monitors on a 1.8G cube computer with onboard shared RAM and it runs windows just fine. 2D is no longer an issue for modern computers; just about anything you buy now will do 2D just fine. Also, 2D applications do not benefit greatly from fancy graphics cards. That GTS will mostly go to waste if you are not gaming or running one of the few programs that actually use it. This is even more pronounced if you do not clutter this computer up with every crappy shareware app under the day star.

You should see weather the program you want to run (Cubase 4) needs more CPU or more RAM for the best user experience and make you decision based on that.

If you are not planning to do any gaming with your computer I suggest you look into the various fanless options to keep the noise down. If you are trying to listen carefully to the music you are creating I doubt you will want to have put up with a constant drone of fans.
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