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My System Specs


Originally Posted by vintank View Post
imo macs are amazing for video, animation ,music dvd authoring, actually I strongly believe that macs dominate in these areas over PCs
now PCs are limited with the amount of memory and the cores which Macjunky touched on just by saying the specs on friends Macbook Pro and honestly that is what macs are for even compiling lines and lines of code
has been better on a mac (thats going back a few years to when I was still in high school and the last time I wrote any sort of code, so 1995)
I don't even begin to understand fully why macs surpass PC in these areas I just know that its true.

also has Macjunky said macs rarely and I mean rarely crash at all my friend has mac and has had to reformat it twice, well really only once when he upgraded the OS, and the other he just felt that the hdd needed to be wiped clean, but since he started Vista on his PC he has had to reformat and start from scratch a few times in the last couple months just cause the OS would crash and couldn't figure out what was going on (still waiting on an update from him to see what was making it crash) my point in this little rant that PC and Mac are both great systems they each excel in areas where the other lacks. which is why I have a PC and building two new ones as well but am dreaming of a day when I can afford the mac I want cause lets face it you can build two awesome PCs for the price of 1 awesome Mac.

ps sorry for wall of text, still new to posting on forums, not sure how to format posts to make them easier to read
Video editing is much more widely done on the PC than Macs, it's just Apple's marketing that makes it seem the other way. Same goes for DVD authoring, image editing and all that stuff.

So, how does an 8 core Mac with 24GB of RAM have more cores and more memory than a monster computer with 32 cores and 64GB of RAM?

As for compiling code, my laptop was faster than a similar Macbook at compiling code, but that may be Visual Studio versus whatever the Macbook was using.

As for crashing, the only times XP has crashed on me in the last seven years of using it were either related to failing hardware (something that would happen with a Mac just as easily) or when I did something to cause it (such as push an overclock too far or accidentally write some bad OpenGL and make ATI's drivers lock up hard).
Oh, and my PC based server had around a thousand days of uptime before I had a UPS failure cause it to lose power.
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