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Intel Clarkdale built-in IGP performance
3DMARK2006 => 1767

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
800 X 600 => 27.50FPS

Biohazard5 Benchmark
800 X 600 => 19.5fps

Call of Juarez
1024 X 768 => Avg 12.3

3DMARK2006 => 2069

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
800 X 600 => 33.06FPS

Biohazard5 Benchmark
800 X 600 => 22.9fps

Call of Juarez
1024 X 768 => Avg 20.3

i5 660 GPU OC range is around 733~920MHz. The 661 is about 933~1200MHz.
Comparing to these 2 SKUs, I think 661 GPU is better picked SKU for higher clock version. The 3D performance is also higher.

After last Clarkdale review, some readers asked for more test in GAME section. This review will add two 3D games test.
If this platform is for worksheet only, Clarkdale 3D performance can meet most entry 3D software.

Using 9600GT to compare 3D performance
3DMARK2006 => 10937

In USA, some readers would like me to compare Clarkdale with 9500GSO.
Unfortunately, I only have 9600GT, so I just test 3DMARK2006.
Also can let you know mainstream VGA and built-in GPU performance gap.
For higher 3D performance request, you can install additional VGA card to enhance overall 3D performance.

USB 3.0 test with BUFFALO 1.0TB external HDD. Now there is still less USB3.0 products.
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