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My System Specs


When it came to ISO support, things are spotty at best since the Box Office will play them, but if you start a movie you will not be able to get back to the menu main and if you stop watching you will not be able to resume. The other caveat is your ISO cannot have any DRM attached to it or it will not work.

Just loaded up my Star Wars ISO which i haven't watched for over a month and it continued from where i left off, also if you hit the menu button it does bring up the DVD menu, if you hit exit it resumes play ???? Not sure what you are talking about ? If i hit Home it brings up the PBO menu if i hit it again the movie resumes ??? Everything works fine for me although the remote is somewhat unresponsive while wirelessly streaming.

Did you not update the firmware ?

LPCM seems to be for 2 channel audio while ac3 6 channel is for 5.1 or 7.1 in my case, it is a bitch to have to switch back and forth, though it does all work fine otherwise, at least for me.

My biggest complaints is the crappy wireless G, it's almost useless for anything beyond Divx rips, there are a few N adaptors if you get the right chipset, plus they are supposedly working on one Theres also the unresponsive remote while the unit is working and a few niggling things with the firmware, but it's not that bad of a unit really.

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