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Default Local Network gaming problems

Hi, I am haivng some problems starting a game with my cousin who happens to be sitting right next to me while I have managed to start games with people over in Europe and I don't know where without problems.

The game is Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East (for those interested), it is played throughout Ubisoft's crappy servers. Basicly we are both connected to the same router via Ethernet cable, so unless I am wrong, everything should work right there. However, it did not. So we tried running it with Hamachi on which is what I was using to play against strangers. Basicly I am unable to connect to the game with him. When I tried to ping him through Hamachi it timed out.

We are both using Win7, is there any other information I should give ?
Other than I feel I am about to be violent.

*** Updates on the situation for those reading this for the first time ***

I have managed to start a multiplayer game when using my computer and my father's computer which both are on the same network. Mine is wired to the router and his is wirelessly connected. Doing so, I have used my steam account as well as my cousin's account.

I have also tried to do it with my cousin's computer and my father's, with the same problems. This leads me to believe the problem lies between the router and my cousin's computer, but I am unable to pin point anything wrong. I have done his Win7 install without changing much, like I did for my built and my father's built.

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