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My System Specs



Human sound perception is varied and Unique. It is for this reason why I will only spend a brief moment talking about the noise levels of each Fan, because what maybe loud to one person could be considered quite Tolerable to another. Thus I will stick with a tried and true method for myself when it comes to sound.
A basic scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being quiet and 10 being what I myself consider loud.

Another Point worth mentioning is that Fan Noise depends as much on individual design as where we choose to use them. High Speed Fans mounted on dense heatsinks, poorly designed Fan Ports in Cases or Side Panels produce unique and sometimes loud situations. Thus this is only to be taken as a guideline and not an absolute.

CoolerMaster R4
- Has a distinct yet unobtrusive sound that blends in well with the background of an operational computer
Rating: 3

Gelid Wing12 PL
- Probably one of the quietest Fans in this shootout match between the other four.
Rating: 1

Yate Loon D12SH
- Naturally being one of the loudest due to both its high RPM and Older blade style, it is still well within my tolerances
Rating: 5

SilenX iXtremea
- Second only to the Gelid in terms of sound, the iXtremea loses one point for a faint yet distinct vibration sound
Rating: 2

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