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My System Specs


If there is one name that stands out more than most in the industry, it would be Coolermaster. With innovative designs for Cases and Coolers alike it is not suprising to see well build performance fans too. After all, its all in their name.

The Fan

Featuring 9 Tightly spaced Blades the R4 is a fan that means buisness. Although lacking the winglets of the Gelid, and Size of the SilenX these Fins have a very tapered and well thought out setup that should allow this Fan to scoop ample amounts of air and fire it through.

The Stats

Model: R4-L2R-20AC-GP

Size: 120x120x25mm
Volts: 12v
Rated CFM: 69.0
Rated RPM: 2000
Rated DBA: 19

Installed and Running

Alas this was the one Fan that I had to take a picture with the Flash on while it was running. Due to the nature of the LED's which shine on the blades from around the Fan Housing it was too dark for a good picture to turn out. That being said for those who like LED fans but don't want blazing lights that distract, the R4 really has that angle covered.

The Results

Measured RPM: 1840

Are we starting to see a Pattern here? It looks like once again we have very similar numbers with only slight variations between models.

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