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My System Specs


Gelid Solutions although being a newcomer in the PC accessories and Cooling Solutions Market has already made a name for itself among enthusiasts.
Their Wing Series of Fans are known for being both Quiet and Effective, blending the lines of sound vs performance seamlessly.

The Fan

At a glance we see Gelid has kept with their common Theme of a Black Housing with Coloured Fins. What has changed with this latest Fan in their arsenal is the addition of white LED's which futher compliment the already imposing design. Another point to notice is Gelids Choice to use a 9 bladed design and include little 'winglets' on the leading edges of each blade. Let us see if this design has merit when put to the test.

The Stats

Model: WING 12 PL (FN-FW12PL-18)

Size: 120x120x25mm
Volts: 12v
Rated CFM: 75.6
Rated RPM: 1800
Rated DBA: 26.8

Installed And Running

Oh Yes, that is one Sexy looking Fan. And if you look closely at the installed picture you can see the 'winglets' mentioned Earlier.

The Results

Measured RPM: 1989

This looks to be a good Start for Gelid, with a 9 Degree Delta between idle to load the Gelid Does a very good Job at keeping things cool.

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