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My System Specs


i think i mean half height card's but i'm not even sure, nothing extremly small

game consol sized, thinking a case like this InWin BL631 Low Profile Micro ATX Case w/ 300W Power Supply, Black at Memory Express Computers or this ANTEC Minuet 350 Piano Black Slimline PC Case w/ 350W Power Supply at Memory Express Computers
and will look for better psu's if possible

of course i'll be 100% sure a card fits before purchasing 2 of them , i just love the idea of a little hot rodded gaming rig. I always loved the hp firedbird though it was always overpiced and had no room for expansion so i never purchased one. Well, lets just say i want to build my own firebird

not even sure when i build this, i just built my first rig and have nothing to complain about. just an urge, my slimline isn't cutting it as my firebird and i'll most liekly have an extra 550 lying around here in a few months
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