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Default NZXT Customer service... or the lack of...

On Feb 4th I bought a Panzerbox for a local retailer in Ottawa.

I build the box, set it all up, power the thing... the front fan is not working.

Call the retailers, I bought the last one, they could take the case back but I really dont feel like taking all my stuff out and get another case from them or somewhere else.

I send an email to NZXT to see if they could just ship me a new fan maybe?

I get a reply Feb 5th, no problem, just send a copy of your receipt to prove you just obught the case and your address and we'll send you a new one. I'm all happy, take a good clean picture of the receipt, reply back...

That was Feb 5th... Even after a couple emails I have yet to hear anything back from them. Of Course there is no phone number on the site to call them.

So now i'll bring my defect 190mm fan around and try to find a 200mm that fits... I like this case but that company definitaly left a bad impression on my.

This will be my last NZXT product ever. I dont care about the defective fan as much as making telling me i'll get a new fan, follow instructions and dont hear back from them at all.

Is smoke supposed to come out of there?
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