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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Not sure how much of a price difference between P35 & x38 is but my vote would still be for P35 unless a person was almost positive they were going to go SLI in the near future.

Can't beat DDR2 prices ATM, P35 is capable of running the newer intel chips, and in all honesty.... how many folks who buy an SLI board to future-proof actually end up running two cards at once.
The reason I originally went with 680i for was that they were "supposed" to be good for overclocking which was great.

I also went against my own personal judgment to go with 680i from all the stuff I had read up on it about memory controllers and eating memory but shrugged it off.

Fast forward a bit and now I am in a situation where I either have dead memory or a dead board as the OP stated in a spot to pickup a new board and here is my current thoughts.

1) 680i is garbage; you can read so many posts about people having exact issues I am having with this related to the memory controller either dying or killing memory; not good when you have memory like I have myself.

2) 780i is far to new to take any chances and gambles with and would rather not even bother until its been proven which will take up to a year.

3) I'm still a big fan of the 965 chipset but I know that it is a dying chipset being replaced by the P35 which has been proven to be a great chipset many times over.

4) X38 and X48 haven't really been tested much and has been kinda put on the back burner by P35 which is fine.

5) SLI? Really most people who say they will never do and those who do usually realize it was a waste of money.

So after all that ranting I'd say a good P35 board like the P5K-E would be a good choice right about now, but it also comes down to what is going to support the new Penryn Quads that will be coming out because from what I understand only the X48 and 780i will be supporting those :(
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