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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
hell i would like to know what you say to people at rogers. because my monthly bills from them are at almost 500$ between internet and cell phones and when we have a problem they tells us to ffff off many times and me and my wife have come to realize that they don't care because the Canada Government give's them are money anyways death to the crtc.

I want to kill rogers but they know i need them and what other choices do we have oh ya bell so every couple of years were just supposed to play hop scotch back and forth from one to another.
ps glad i find this thread before i tell my Buddie to just build a pvr ah
I don't want to hijack the thread.. but some advice for those on rogers.. What I did was called rogers said I was looking at expressvu pricing and there non promotional prices were cheaper than rogers. The lady on the phone offered me some crappy deal and I asked to cancel (this is what you need to do) and was handed off to a retentions agent. At this point I told him the deal I could get with bell ($52 High Def Package) and that they were offering me a free HDPVR. After that I got my bill reduced 20% and got a free High Def PVR thrown in.

To the OP I have thought about doing this many time and always came to the conclusion its not work it (For High Def). You would need two High Def Receives + Two High Def Happauge HDPVR's to be able to watch and record at the same time. So again telecommunications monopoly screws Canadians :(
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