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Originally Posted by TokeR View Post
What board would you suggest for someone that wants a stable 4.0GHz+ on a core i7 920 (Probably will change depending on what Intel releases) Liquid cooled and wants the best performance for gaming and would like to venture into the LN2 overclocking field in the future?
When you get into the upper ranges on these processors, it is very rare that the mobo will hold you back unless you have a one in a thousand chip. Naturally, lower-end boards won't have the necessary fine-tuning options available in the BIOS to really push the chip but 4Ghz shouldn't be an issue. I can easily get that on my Gigabyte X58 UD5. I've seen chips hit 4.4Ghz on a Gigabyte UDR3 too.

Naturally, Gigabyte doesn't have any boards that looks quite as good as the RoG series but for people on a budget, there is still the Rampage II Gene and P6T boards.
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