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My System Specs


Like I said in 0o0's thread, that TV tuner you just posted is for OTA HD, not for recording from a HD box. You'd need a capture card that has component or HDMI(if one even exists with hdmi) and the choices are limited and expensive. I actually tried to look for one but couldn't find anything. Honestly your best bet is to get this: - Buy Hauppauge HD-PVR High Definition Video Recorder USB H.264 MPEG4 Component Up to 1080I W/ IR Blaster - 1219 In Canada. but if you were to do that you're better off just buying an actual PVR since you'd still have to build the computer and buy the HD box from your provider. I've looked into doing this a couple years ago and now I just own a Shaw HD PVR :) Only plus side to doing it with the Hauppage PVR and a computer would be that you could get 2 or 3 2TB HDDs and have 4-6TBs of space to record...
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