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My System Specs


A few big problems:

1) You listed your testing as being for voltage regulation and efficiency. I see no efficiency testing there. I presume that is because you took that heading from SKYMTL's PSU reviews, but you should not say that you are going to test it if you aren't actually going to.

2) You did not specify how you tested voltage regulation. I assume you used some kind of software, since the readings you have look totally out of whack. In addition, it doesn't look like you did your homework either, because according to your results, everything except for the +3.3V rail is way out of spec, and yet you did not list that as a negative in your review.

3) You list the fact that these PSUs come with European power cables as a con. That doesn't make sense, because the products you reviewed were European retail items. If they didn't come with European power cables, then there would be something wrong.

4) You said that the 650W unit having four +12V rails is a con. Do you have a reason for that? I would not consider that a negative unless the rails were improperly balanced. Since you did not take apart the PSU to analyse the rail distribution, it is not possible to make that judgment.

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