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Default Building DVR - Recording Only* - Bell/Rogers (Retention Info Also Welcome)

I'm looking to build a PVR that has the ability to record SD and HD from a cable box and/or satellite box. Being able to record 2 things at once is a huge plus. NO PLAYBACK NECESSARY.

I'd also like the ability to skip commercials, but I have the understanding this is software related, not hardware. Another 'nice touch' would be to have it attached to my network, but this would not be available right away, but something to keep in mind when it comes to hardware.

I have built a PC in the past, but what kind of requirements would satisfy these needs? I will be building from scratch I have planned to put the DVR right by the TV so small size is ideal.

What are the hardware requirements of this project, and an even better question, this is is possible.. right?
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