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Default Getting Up To Date: Febraury 15th, 2010

Time to time I forget to update my first few posts here which contains details on what is left, what to do, etc. etc. Also, not everyone goes there, and so I am just putting a quick update here:
1.) Case is asembled with only the power supply. Will be taking it apart again to install the rads and pump in the bottom, as well as using black screws everywhere.
2.) Need to either get a Serpentine Top Pannel from Charles, or just trim the mesh. The Revearse ATX mobo tray has clerance issues with my P55 FTW. Looks like I cant use my fans (which where $20 a piece... and sleeved). No biggie though.
3.) Need more sleeving, and my 5870 water block A.S.A.P
Those are the three biggest things to do right now. I emailed Charles to send me a Serpentine top plate if he has any left. After that, my motherboard tray is fine I than need to send an order to Nils for some more white sleeving, SATA sleeving, heatshrink, and of course his black screws.

After that, I need my other SR1-240 Radiator. Ill mount that and my SR1-360 in the bottom with my pump, PSU, and fitting and get it ready to plumb into the top. I can't quite plumb it yet though. Talking to Charles about some "sLight" details/ finalizing details about this build. Yup, I can see this "Eclipse" thing working out a lot better than I wanted

Cant wait for payday this saturday
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