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What's up all.

I saw the first post and for a second I felt sick.
I have a q6600 (G0) as well....and I JUST ordered a 212+ thursday (comes this week). Hoped to push this baby to the limit.
Mine hits 3.6 no problem. I have been able to hit 3.8 and get into windows and sit idle, p95 and temps skyrocket quick.
This is all currently on the stock heatsink and fan lol. I'm able to run at 3.4-3.6 and load it.

ATM running at 2.9 at 1.1 volts I also played around with it and she looks like she will do well over 3.1-3.2 at around 1.2ish. Haven't tried any further, wouldn't be suprised if she would keep going.
JUst looking forward to getting that 212+ and hooking up the R4's to it, espically that I got them all for 40 bucks. what a deal that was.

BUt yea I would keep the cooler, like others said the q6600 is lower tdp so we should be fine. if your not running 2 fans then do that up, you should expect to lose a few degrees...depending on fan.
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