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Default Windows Mobile 7 Unveiling Tomorrow!

I'm not sure if anyone else is as interested to see this as I am, but it'll be nice to see where Microsoft heads in it's new mobile direction. Certainly with the huge increases in hardware performance in smart phones, it's about time a modernized version of MinMo hit the market. Especially since I'm sick of all the iPhones everyone seems to be toting these days. Certainly they're a step and a bit over WinMo 6/6.5, but I've never liked the lock down on control that Apple's placed on their products. And while Google's smart phone OS options have been great, the limited access to apps and features in Canada has left it a 'bitter sweet' change.

Windows Mobile 7 looks to be pushing a theme similar to the ZuneHD. This is actually a great step for Microsoft. A visually appealing interface with streamlined touch functions makes the Zune's platform a great starting point for the UI. If Microsoft can pack the right combo of functionality, customization and ease of use in to that visual package; they could have a serious contender on their hands.

I know that the news that WinMo 7 is being released isn't 'new news'. Just excited that it's now only a day away from unveiling. And for a guy in the market for a new smart phone (my BB curve is killing me) I'm chomping at the bit to see this as it'll basically be the deciding factor on purchasing a WinMo phone (Probably the Omnia II) or the Nexus One.
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