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My System Specs

Default Gpu folding has finally pi$$ed me off!

My AMD rig was folding fine then....pooft, it downclocked both of my GTX 260's and stayed that way. After days of fiddling I installed a fresh copy of XP, did all the updates and started over.
-install 185.85 drivers (tried the newest one before reformat, no help)
-extended desktop
-disable all power saving features for hard drive, monitor, disable screen savers
-load Rivatuner, enable "force 3d performance", no overclock. Reboot multiple times to ensure I am not stuck in 2D.

No help, stuck @ +-2600 ppd on a P5799 & P3469 respectively.

Overclocked the cpu to 3080mhz and gpu's to 1400 on the shaders with no change. I can see the gpu's are not heating up so I assume I am stuck in 2D. I have one 2gb stick of ram in the machine, that should not affect anything should it? I really do not know what to do next, my I7 machine chugs along beautifully and Rivatuner keeps everything locked in to 3D mode.

I thought that gpu folding would be a nice stable platform for some consistent, trouble free ppd but it is not working out that way...

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