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Gingerbee... pssst... you don't have any computers in your sig...

Fudd Rucker, What are the advantages of the AMD setup you listed vs. say a e5200/GA-G41M-ES2H which is ~$15 to $20 cheaper? Also are there any notable difference in W7MC vs. VMC? I use VMC and am wondering if it's worth switching over.

@OP, to add to the opinions expressed here re: noise. I'd chose components with with noise reduction in mind but I wouldn't get carried away since it's going to be a minimalist system anyway you're not going to have any screaming fans. when picking a PSU pick one that is known to be quiet (I use and like the corsair 400W BTW), if your picking a vid card and you have the choice might as well get a passive one unless you're gaming heavily. My personal HTPC has a scyth mini-ninja for the cpu, a passive 4670 and use the PSU fan to exhast the warm air, the mini ninja wasn't too expensive and I think I paid an extra $20 or so for the passive version of my vid card and the system is really quiet.
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