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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
How well does this work lets say on a computer case w/ equipment installed? Thinking about purchasing it.
As Sky mentioned, something much bigger would be needed, especially if you want to be getting more than top down angles.

Myself, I use 20 foot wide background paper along with a softbox and background 750W flood lights. Mind you that is for film with a few different angles.

Lemonlime does some amazing shots as well - though I'm not sure on his setup.

The real trick for cases is to try and get an even lighting across much of the case. Because it is so big, you usually need a full room for it. It requires a lot more light to get everything even and you need to be able to have the lights far enough back so they don't overpower certain areas. You also get a lot of light fall off, so more powerful background lights are essential. I found the smaller photo lights to give a bit of a spotlight effect, but even with more powerful lights it is hard to avoid the glare - especially with side windows.
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