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Default 9800 GX2 overclock VS folding

Ok it's been a couple of days I experiment my new to me Gigabyte 9800 GX2 in folding and I'm quite impressed. I was aiming 10 000 ppd with it but at my suprise it is much 12 000 ppd @ stock speed. Now I am wondering if I could benefit of more power by overclocking it... or am I better not push it more than that.... GPU-Z say GPU core is 80C ...

And if it is safe to overclock it, what is the best method of doing it (how to know it is stable) My OC experience in GPU is kinda low. What benefit more in folding? Shader clock? (right now 1500 mhz) Gpu clock (600 mhz) or memory ( 1000 mhz) ??

So much question! Thanks in advance!
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