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I did RMA's after contacting them and getting the requset RMA numbers.

BFG for a 6600PCI sent them screenshot they okayed the RMA it went to the USA,got a new card in about 3 weeks.
These guys were great,they changed before a failure.
They didn't like the screenshot on boot either.
Cost about $24.00 approx. shipping to USA
Bought current card while waiting.

OCZ in Canada for a power supply. Sent it by fed ex.
They suggested a proper courier service.
About $23.00 approx.
Bought curent PS while waiting.

Got it back in about a 10 day turn around.
New unit factory sealed newer model

Western Digital in Canada 160 SATA drive 8mb cache.
Sent it in got another drive in about 11 days
Say "Factory Recertified" yellow stamp, though if memory services me right.
Shipping I forget still was worth it.

Antec in Canada P180 new HD rack mounts.
8 day turn around.
no charge.

Antec in Canada waiting on 900 case 'glass side top panel cracked they sent email. is coming in a few days.
says no charge.
note below.

CC where bought wouldn't swap panel.
Not really surpised at that.
Old days are gone.
Took the panel up to them,needed other stuff,
Left it in Car and Son told them about it
Wanted me to remove all the guts and take it back up to them(another trip) Only then they would give a case replacement.
No thats about 4 hours with driving.
Plus they had down to a couple stock over holidays so likely would sell out buy time I got there.
I know that one.
Let Antec deal with it.
As Above 900 case.

As an added comment.

Was it worth it?

Heck I wonder.

I in a couple cases you notice I went out and purchased new pieces till the "new" replacements arrived.

which when they arrived I sold them.

I have often mused that maybe they should lower the price and just give you say 30 to 90 days full exchange.
then you go and buy again?
I dunno-+
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