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Default Update

Picked up my stuff today and got ready putting it together

To start things off for this update I decided to just take the pictures of the stuff after I removed the packaging and all that.

A somewhat closer shot at the midplate. Wow this stuff is durible/ high quality

Had to have some holes put in so they could hang the PCI covers - just like Sugar said, you cant see these holes when they are in.

Yes I had these done as well... Thought I might as well have the intire thing done

Here are the HDD cages... which will never see the light of day again. They might see a closet anda box though...

PSU covers. Again, only one will ever be used and the other one will just go away... FOREVER!

Dry fitting everything:

...dusty and dirty already...

Ending it off for now... Looks good in my opinion

Still got a bit to do. Need to disasemble the whole thing and get my radiator installed... need to buy another one first. Atleast I bought the Hammon Boxes! Anywho, have a bit of an alignement issue with my mobo-tray, need to work on that.

Also, need to send Nils some money and get some sleeving and black screws to replace all the ugly silver ones. Also need some black 3-pin connectors to replace on all the fans. After that, need to sleeve them SATAs', Pump, and some odds and end cables as well as order some 3-pin extentions, 'Y' splitters, my fan controller and get some stuff shipped back to Charles so he can complete my orders.

Might take awihle. Wanting (needing) to pay off the parents credit up to this point... and get ready for post-secondary schooling. Not saying Im stopping this build, but it might slow down for a bit
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