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I'd amend that slightly, but overall it's good. Changes I'd make:
No XFX ATI cards. Poor quality and lower OCing than most (I like MSI personally). It's got a great warranty, but that's all it has going for it.
The HAF 932 is great if you like the looks. It's worth noting, however, that a lot of people dislike it, and the most important thing above all else in a case, IMO, is liking the looks.
Not even a contest; Corsair 850HX.
I'd swap to a Spinpoint F3; it's faster and often cheaper, though the warranty is shorter and RMA service isn't as good in Canada. That said, I'd almost certainly be replacing the HDD in the next 3 years, so the warranty isn't a big issue for me. Can't speak for anyone else.
Lastly, I'd go for a Hyper 212 Plus for sure. Wouldn't change that out unless I was getting at least a Titan Fenrir.
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