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Well depending on what your showing on the projectors, you might want to consider a wireless projector. Video probably isn't that great over wireless, but PowerPoint and stuff would be fine. Basically connects via Wi-Fi, but I'm unsure if you can run two at the same time. I'd assume there must be wired network projectors too? Might be worth looking into as that would solve the cable issue.

My school has an Epson wireless one that I got to play around with. It lagged pretty badly and the laptop was right beside it for fast moving things like movies. For more or less stationary things it was fine though.

VGA cables do go up to 100ft though: Cables To Go 100-Foot HD15 MaleMale UXGA (1600x1200) Monitor Cable with Ferrites 28018 in Canada at
  • Ferrites protect against EMI/RFI interference
  • Accommodates cable runs up to 100ft without a booster (in most cases)
  • Ideal for video presentation devices, video splitters and KVM switches
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