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Default Large project

So basically the minster from my church came up to me and wanted me to help him with a little project. While I have very few details at this time they want the following.

1. A network (wireless Internet in the church) - this will be a easy task.
2. Two projectors
I'm thinking about this projector
3. One computer to run them both (I will build this, again easy)

While it initially seems simple it's not, or for me anyways. Basically we are going to have the computer at the back of a large room (It can probably fit roughly ~600 people). Then the projectors are going to be in the front projecting an image on the wall. I'm thinking that we might be hanging the projectors from the wall, maybe not because it's just another headache.

Anyways, I'm basically curious as to how you guys think I should hook them up. Because it'll require a lot of cabling to hook them up, I'm thinking 50 feet for one 70 feet for the other, VGA would be out of the question because the signal would degrade. DVI, well I have no idea where I'd get a connection that long, same goes with HDMI. Even if I could find a connection that long, I wouldn't even want to know the price.

So I'm thinking I have two options right now:
Wireless (can this even be done)
CAT5 cabling

While I know CAT5 is for internet, I have heard of many people transferring video singal through it, but I'm not sure how to do so. Can anyone give me any insight on either one of these two options, other something else I may have overlooked.

As for audio, we already have a sound system all hooked up to the back, so I'm assuming that the computer could be intergraded into that system.

I know all the problems could be adverted if we moved the PC to the front with the projectors, but no one wants someone controlling everything to be on the "stage".
So any help with this project would be greatly appreciated.
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