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Default donimo's first "just for fun" rig

So, I finished getting it together enough to run, couple snags but it booted up first try, so sweeeet.

Here are some pics, excuse the crappyness, too lazy to get the camera that works:

So, this case ain't perfect, had to solder in an extension for the power/reset leads, great idea Antec, make cables that don't reach the bottom of a motherboard, only half of all mobo's put them there .

I only ended up cutting 2 holes, one by the power supple, and one 10cm in from the ps2 ports for the 4 pin CPU, it came with the 2 by the drive bays.

I also put in carbon filters in each drive blank, and a foam one on the 120mm side fan hole, still want to swap the vented pci brackets for solids, then 90% of the incoming air will be filtered. I added a yate loon 120 to the back of a drive bay and moved it to the top blowing on the RAM and CPU, for 99 cents I thought why not (still have 4).

The thermalrite hr-05 only fit one way with the freezer 7, and that had it about 2mm from the backside of the vid card, so I added a $2 scythe 40mm to the stock hs, so far so good.

Even with the filter restriction I am getting AMAZING temps for an air-cooled case.

CPU- 39*C with atitool and 4 cpuburns running (orthos later)
GPU- 36*c atitool
hdd 28*
ambient- 30
NB- 33

So, I think its a go for baseline benching then o/c trials, Im happy with how it turned out so far, not bad for $620 after taxes.
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