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Good question smn123,

The short answer is that while the Agility may not be considered the fastest SSD out there,they will eat any spindle drive for breakfast. IF you can get by with a heck of a lot less space the Agility is a very good choice. If you need more space on your C drive than SSDs can offer, but still want a very fast system, the 2TB Black would be my next choice for most people. :)

The long more boring answer is, the real world transfers tests were designed to see if a given device can handle high demands being placed on it and to help highlight any weaknesses (or strengths) their is in the controller, firmware, cache algorithms or storage medium. High times, when compared to other similar models (i.e HDD vs HDD or SSD vs SSD) indicate something is not right with a unit and there maybe an issue that WILL be noticeable to the end user. Same goes for low times, low times means that a unit is a real beast and will improve how fast your system "feels" to you. But only when comparing apples to apples. Latency is just as important (if not more so) than shear speed when it comes to system responsiveness and the difference really is huge between SSD and HDDs. As good as the 2TB Black is, when it comes to being used as a OS drives the Blacks(or any HDD, including the VRaptor) cant hold a candle to a current generation SSD.

Hope that helps. :)
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