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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'm running a 5 year old compaq 3.2G P4 (non HT) w/ 512 meg memory and a 64 meg (dedicated memory) mobile radeon 9200.

Paid over 3 grand when this puppy was new as it was considered a desktop replacement at the time..... :)

Weighs a ton, runs super hot, and battery life is only around 1 hour.....
Hehehe, sounds like mine. Though mine is only 2.4GHz and only a Radeon 9000. Didn't cost me $3k either, it was around the $1500 mark. Still weights a ton, runs hot, and my battery life is less than an hour now since the wear on it its like 60% or something. Holds like 25kW max instead of the rated 65kW or something like that.
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