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My System Specs


Well, the 8 multi is the default for the 6750, so it wasn't a big accomplishment on my part.

From what I could find before I bought the cpu, the 6550 has a max multi of 7, the 7750 is 8 and the 6850 has a max of 9. I specifically bought the 7750 instead of the 6550 because of the 8 multi. I'd have bought a 6850 if they were cheap, but at $120 more, the extra x1 multi wasn't worth *that* much to me. At 7 with a 6550, you need truly insane bus speeds to get high OCs.

My cpu doesn't seem to mind lower multis though. For example the speedstep thingie often lowers my multi to 6 and the computer remains stable. I didn't know that cpus could have problems being *underclocked*.

I guess I was lucky with that cpu, especially with people complaining that newer cpus are harder to OC. I wonder if it could go higher with water cooling, but it's quite a hefty price tag to find out so I think I'll stay with air for now.

So my temps are good? I thought they were quite a bit higher than most other people with ultra 120s. I didn't bother to remove the heatsink yet to check my goop spread, it's such a hassle...

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