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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
from what i read from the rest of your post I can tell you that we don't have the same criteria for High End system.
I never mentioned my criteria for a high end system of either side. I mentioned what people will notice using either playback system. A higher end system most times just gets you less of the cons, but never completely removes those cons from play. Whichever though, like I said personal preference.

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Um, no, it's a fact. It's simply a property of electric signals that a digitally-converted signal will always be less accurate than the original analog source. Of course, you can use very high sampling rates so that the difference between the two is not noticeable to the human ear, but that doesn't mean that the difference isn't there.

Remember that if the audio source is someone singing or playing an instrument, the sound will be originally captured as an analog signal. To get a digital signal in the first place (not counting digitally-synthesized sounds), the sound must first be captured by an analog instrument like a microphone or pickup, and then converted to a digital signal by a digital to analog converter. With records, at least as far as they were originally used, the sound was recorded directly onto analog storage devices, and then written onto records, which are also an analog medium. The only loss of information there would be from imperfections in the equipment.
Right, imperfections in the equipment is still an imperfection in the recording. I didn't say one was better, both have their cons. No analog equipment, recording or playback, is perfect so therefore analog still has imperfections. In theory, it can offer perfect music quality, but in theory (with a perfect sampling rate) so can digital. Both are imperfect, and thus its open to debate.

I don't have time to find a better source, but Analog recording vs. digital recording - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The article doesn't say one way or another, it mentions the debate thereof.

Regarding your edit: It's more accurately recorded perhaps, but the quality of playback is much more depending on the quality of the system you have. The fundamental flaws in digital recordings are in the recording process, the fundamental flaws of analog are in its playback. Or so I've found anyways.

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