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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Digital audio is fundamentally inferior to analog, simply because information is lost during the analog to digital conversion process. You just can't get around that. You would need an infinite sampling rate to create a perfect 1:1 digital copy of an analog signal, which is obviously impossible.

High end systems of each will out perform low end systems of the other, both can produce a high quality sound. That goes for recording and playback.

Digital Cons (subsequently Analog Pros):
aliasing, quantization noise and the absolute limitation of dynamic range

Digital Pros:
linearity in the audible band and low levels of noise and distortion

If I'm not mistaken, digital is capable of a much higher clarity but can sound cold. If you want 'warmth' (which to me is mostly popping and crackling) you go analog. Best way to think about it is that music that was written for that medium is likely best on that medium. Past that its personal preference. You can't say analog is the best of all, simply because to me analog sounds like crap comparatively. Not everyone likes listening to their music as if its being muffled. Of course many people complain that digital is too cold. Well, whichever the case one isn't fundamentally better than the other as both have their upsides and downsides that affect music quality.
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