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Default Does anybody really read this section...?

Well, if anybody makes it to this section, here are my confessions :

1. I just purchased an Iphone 3GS this past weekend, and so far, it's brilliant. I am truly amazed by the OS, the apps and the reception quality (with Bell as a carrier).

I must admit though that this is my first smart phone, so maybe if I had previous experiences with such devices I wouldn't be as flabbergasted!

I decided to pick it up since my mobile contract was expiring and hated using my LG Chocolat. Having a corporate account, I also have a killer monthly plan with bonus features!

2. I purchased Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) directly from Apple.

I learned that my PC's hardware is perfectly compatible with the OS, if I install with Empire EFI (I actually stumbled by mistake on a log of a guy who has it running great over at Anandtech).

I can't wait to get it and set it up. The system will be dual-boot (Vista & OS X).

These are interesting times indeed !

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