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From a software standpoint there are better out there. While Norton's 2010 products have improved I still find them bloated & resource demanding while not being top of the heap in terms of protection. In addition to this since they are one of the top dog's in terms of market penetration they are automatically in the bullseye for virus writers.
There are good free alternatives such as MS Security Essentials our my group of Techies favorite mix of Avira Free combined with MalwareBytes or Super Antispyware.

If it was me I'd be very tempted to sell the lot and with the proceeds buy Avira Premium ($30 CAD) & the full version of Malwarebytes ($28.11 CAD one time fee for personal use which unlocks realtime protection, scheduled scanning, and scheduled updating). Super Antispyware will set you back $40 USD with a lifetime subscription.

Norton 360 alone goes for over $60 retail (norton 360 v3 - Price Comparison - Canada's Cheapest Prices) so basically with your sale of the Norton products you can get proven better protection for free.
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