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Default Norton Products, Any good?

Alright guys i just had a general question for anybody who has had experience with Norton Products, the last time i used a Norton product was Norton Anti-Virus 2003 and it was great, but for the last couple years most of there software has been not so great compared to free software.

The reason i am asking this is i just received a free copy of the following from work:
Norton Internet Security 2010
Norton Anti-Virus 2010
Norton Utilities 2010
Norton Ghost 15
Norton Online Backup
Norton 360 v3.0

My manager came back from a conference and asked me if i wanted the software, it is all retail packaged and brand new. So my question is, is any of it worth using? I understand how all the software works and know what its for but are Norton products worth installing? Like i mentioend above the last time i used a Norton product was in 2003 and I am kind of leery about installing any of there products on a perfectly working PC. (Specs are in my signature)

Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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