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what you need to do is see what kind of bandwidth usage your getting when streaming from the device to your media centre box. Also it depends if your movies are uncompressed iso or ts folders or compressed divx/xvid etc. I have had bad experiences my self with stand alone nas's for streaming movies. I have a Intel SS4000E with 4x sata drives and gigabit ether net and it would jitter. I have had to settle on using an additional PC with a ton of hd space and stream it. It still jitters every now and then but is much better than the NAS. Also i do want to change over to a complete gigabit network.

Here is the problem with uncompressed movies.

you average trans rate over 10/100 is probably in the neighborhood of 8-10.5 MBPS. while this is more than enough for a standard DVD if it were to dip down to say 3-4 MBPS that is to low and it stutters. If having absolutely flawless playback is critical either install a ton of drives in your pc or in your HTPC. Music is a non issue as it doesn't use anywhere near as much bandwidth as a movie. If you are viewing compressed video files such as divx/xvid or even h.264 it should work fine.
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