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You could go with a modular one, but all the modular ones I know of that would fit your budget aren't great quality (poor voltage control and ripple and such). Really, a non-modular PSU isn't that difficult to get good cable management with as long as you're willing to put some time into it and your case's cable management isn't piss-poor (hell, I've got an Antec 900 (Rev 2) and my cable management is decent with a non-modular PSU, so clearly it's possible, right?).

As for not needing the wattage, you won't if you don't go SLI with Fermi. If you do, well, honestly it's a bit hard to tell. Rumors of very high power consumption have been going around despite the 40nm process. Guess we'll have to see, but probably best to plan for the worst.
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