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This build should fit your budget:
i5 750
P7P55D Pro
GT 240 1GB (DDR5) (I only recommend this if you plan to carry it over for dedicated PhysX, as there are cheaper Nvidia cards that perform better, but for some reason it eats PhysX for breakfast. If you give it to your brother, get a 9800 GT instead.)
4GB G.Skill DDR3 RAM (1333MHz or above, your choice really)
WD Caviar Black 640GB
Hyper 212 Plus
DVD player of your choice
Case of your choice (for sake of build I put a K62, but anything you like in the $80-120 price range is great as well, as long as it's well-built and has good cooling)

As for an AMD build, you could probably shave off around $75 if you went with AMD, but I could only recommend that if you planned to go with ATI's cards, since there aren't enough good AMD boards supporting SLI. Besides, it would end up being weaker (though still good enough) in the CPU area.
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