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Default Budget build. Epmphasis on budget.

I have about $1000.00 to spend on a PC.

Problem: I have a good idea of things I want (i5 based system, GT240 until Fermi, could become dedicated PhysX card or I'd give it to my brother for his new PC he'll be getting some time), but other than that... I have NO idea where to start.

Various preferences...
- Bottom mounted PSU, good airflow in a case. Room for cable management.
- P55 Board (kind of obviously)
- If you can make decent AMD build for less, GO FOR IT. :P I'm trying to have as low of a cost as possible.
- I'd like a PSU that'll meet Fermi's power requirements.

As stated, I was wanting to do an i5 build, but I would gladly use AMD as well. It was just that the P55 supported C'Fire and SLI. :P

Thanks it advance!
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